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Normally, capacitors are the things attached to the tone control of your guitar.   They control the amount of high frequencies that get rolled off as you turn the Tone knob.  Larger values will roll off more high frequencies and give a bassier tone.


Capacitors can also be used as a "Treble Bleed" on the Volume pot.  It will prevent losing the high frequencies as you roll off your volume.  This will allow a more consistent tone from 0-10.  

Polyester Film
Inductive Capacitors

They are GREEN!  They actually sound great, and are pretty cheap.

I have lots of different values in stock so we can experiment and find the sound you are after. 

Orange Drop

LEGENDARY! MYTHIC! These are the words that come to mind when talking about these babies!  Tone for days.....and did I mention that they are ORANGE!   Cool like a Cream-sickle.

150M Mallory

Mallory 150M Capacitors.... these are a pretty dramatic step up from the green ones.  I like them enough to hav e them in my own personal guitars! 

Oil Filled

Originally used solely in Hi-Fi audio equipment oil filled capacitors are now widely used in guitars for their rich, natural tone.

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