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Premium Parts

If you are looking for  premium upgrade parts that you can't find anywhere around here,

stuff that will take your guitar/amp/pedal and make it sound and play its best....

Just gimmie a call or send an email, and I'll help in any way I can.

NOTE:  At this time, the parts department is still growing, so chances are we "might" not have what you are looking for in-stock.  Please contact me first to check availability.  However, new parts orders are being placed weekly.  So if you are looking for something specific just ask and I'll make sure it's on the next order.

Some parts, such as pickups and Tolex are not normally kept in stock and must be ordered ahead of time.  

I carry and can order the full line of Earvana Compensated Tuning Systems.  If you struggle with the tuning and intonation of your guitar, here is the answer.  It's easier, cheaper and better than any other system.  

New Brunswick's Newest Allparts dealer.  Including bodies, necks and everything you need to build/upgrade the guitar of your dreams!

Bourns Conductive Polymer Sealed Pots.  Available in 500k or 250k. They're permanently sealed so they'll NEVER get scratchy.  And the element is a non oxidizing conductive polymer so it will never rust and fail.  These are the next wave in tone.

Meet the "Electrosocket"  the jackplate Leo didn't invent but should have!!  Are you sick and tired of your Tele Style jack always falling out, here's the answer.  

Gotta have these for making pedals!!  Nice, rugged stomp switch.

Sprague ATOM capacitors.  Great way to re-condition your old amp.

Danny Gatton, Bruce Springsteen, Ty Tabor can't all be wrong.  Hear what you've been missing and take the blanket off of your amplifier.  Notes and harmonics just POP out of the speakers.   

CTS pots.  These have  been the factory standard pots on Fender guitars for a long time.  They're great quality and have a really "Solid" feel when you turn them.

How many of you out there have a vinage style strat, or tele with the truss rod adjustment right under the pickguard?  You've got to take the neck off every time you want to make an adjustment.  Over time, that weakens the wood and you don't get a postive connection between the body and the neck.  Well, I have a solution, there's a set of bolts with some neck inserts that won't damage the neck anymore.  They are a lifesaver if you have a loose fitting neck.  

So you wanna build a pedal... you've gotta have something to stick it in so you can stomp on it and not smash it to bits!!    Lots of enclosures to choose from, painted or unpainted.

JRC 4558 - "THE" Tubescreamer Op-amp!!  Used in so many pedals it's crazy.  You wanna build need these

Tolex!!  Lots of different colors/styles.  Custom order only, and NON returnable.

Orange drop caps...for amps or guitars.

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